Chris Jenning

I would like to thank all those galleries, curators and private individuals who have shown my work, collected it and helped me personally, supporting my work and ideas over many years, particularly during the period covered by this text.

Galerie Sapet. Valence/Mirmande. France.
Museum of Installation. London.
Galerie de Bruxelles. Brussels. Belgium.
New Academy Gallery. London.
Standpoint Gallery. London.
F.Stop Gallery. Bath. England.
City Museum & Art Gallery. Peterborough. England.
Trinity College of Music. London.
Stanley Picker Gallery. Kingston University. London.
British Council.

Arts Council of England.
Pollock-Krasner Foundation. New York. USA. Department of Prints & Drawings. British Museum.
Rosie Potter. Photographer.
Daryl Runswick. Composer.
Professor Paul Lansky. Dept. of Music. Princeton University. USA.
Dore Ashton. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. New York.

Professor Rod Bugg; for supervising this work.
Charles Ryder; for invaluable assistance in editing this text.
Peter White; (FXP Photography) for photographic documentation and
preparation of the volume of illustrations.
My colleagues at the London Metropolitan University for their encouragement
and support.

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